How to get a free IPhone?

iPhone is one of the elegant products of Apple. You know that “iPhone is iPhone”. Many people are willing to buy this device but this device is very expensive. iPhone uses iOS and this operating system made the device unique. The latest iPhone is iPhone 7 which has different versions based on storage of the phone. The price of the iPhone 7, storage 32 GB is £599.00 which is very expensive and the iPhone 7 Jet Black is very expensive which is £699.00 for 128 Gb storage. People are very willing to possess an iPhone but all people cannot fulfil the dream. If you think to buy iPhone 6S at the least price, then you have to pay a good amount. People know that there is no alternative phone of iPhone.

You will be fortunate that if you get an iPhone from iPhone 6S and iPhone for free. Getting a free a phone of iPhone is possible. You may get an iPhone for free by following by different ways.  Below you will get some ways to achieve an iPhone 7 and if the phone is iPhone 7 Jet Black, then you will be happier.

You do not need to take any risk to get the iPhone. You do not need to spent the money. Now we will learn how to get an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S.

Way 1: Fill up the survey form where the fortunate participant(s) get(s) an iPhone 7. In this way, you will get a form of survey and after completing the survey, you will be asked to provide personal details as if the authority can contact with you.

Way 2: There are some giveaway websites where you need to fil up form of a survey to get an iPhone7 or iPhone 6. In this you may ask quiz or fill up a short survey form and then ask for an email or personal details.

Ways 3: Participant in a Quiz program where the prize is iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S. You will get quizzes and solve the quiz and provide personal data.

Ways 4: Join in the game where the prize is iPhone 6s or iPhone 7. You need to play the game and if you win, then you may get the prize iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S.

By the following ways, you win an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7. You need to make sure that the way you have found from a trusted source. Online you will get some false site with the survey. You may lose anything if you do those survey, but those sites may collect your personal details or those sites may ask you do more surveys or install the application.

There are some paid ways where you may get free iPhone. Suppose, you have bought and you will get a ticket as a lotter. If you are lucky, then you will get the iPhone. Some banks offer the iPhones 7 for the new members to encourage account in the bank. Some schools and universities offer iPhones 7 and iPhone 6 for news students.