Free Pdf Digital Marketing Plan Sample

Organic Ranking Vs Pay Per Click – Use One to Complement the Other

Free Pdf Digital Marketing Plan Sample

It has long been debated whether organic ranking should be given more impetus than the easier and faster Pay Per Click model of digital marketing. After heated arguments and comparative analysis, for both models with certain bias, it can safely be taken as a corollary or a by-product that both models have their pros and cons and work best when implemented simultaneously and coherently. If the dotted line is to be appreciated, it is necessary to first clearly understand the basic nature of the two seemingly opposite options and then define a strategy that binds them together to maximize the return on investment. While it goes without arguing that every marketing tool available on the World Wide Web has its share of benefits and loopholes, the real challenge is to synergize all the resources at disposal in such a way that leads to the sole purpose of converting netizens into a prospective customers and thus expanding the consumer base which transcends local and international borders.

Organic ranking, or natural ranking, refers to the results displayed by a search engine based on matching the string of words fed into the engine by a user with most relevant content available online. Relevance of content depends not only on exact match but also takes into consideration the online reputation of the sites hosting the content as well as third party content with links that point to a website. While most search engines offer free indexing of web pages in their databases, it depends on the availability of searchable content on your website relevant to the keywords which plays vital role in your link making it to the top results. As users tend to trust organic search results more than sponsored advertisements taking into consideration the commercial intent, it becomes all the more important for businesses to have basic groundwork in place in order to expect diversion of traffic from search engines to their web space.

Taking into account the importance of content management, it is necessary to constantly update your website to accommodate and adapt to the ever changing search patterns to retain your organic ranking or further improve it. As this requires careful analysis of the search engine’s complex functionality and in depth study of contemporary online behavior, it is advisable to assign the task to search engine optimizers who have expertise in this field. However, once you have enlisted your product or service for online marketing or branding, there is no turning back. If a popular brand fails to make it to the first few pages of search results, the online and offline reputation of your brand can permanently be dented. That is why Pay Per Click model is so popular among the big players who can not take the risk of relying just on organic ranking.

Pay Per Click management strategy is, perhaps, as simple as the name suggests. Search engines like Google and Yahoo, among others, have provisions for paid or sponsored links which are synched with keywords being searched for a nominal fee per click. Not only that the link to your website is displayed on the search engine’s page, even content aggregators or content management sites can be trusted to display your sponsored link, provided the search engine has such agreements with them. If your digital campaign is handled by a seasoned web marketing firm, like Internet Moguls for one, then you can be sure that any prospective customer looking for your services will definitely locate you, thanks to carefully chosen keywords associated with your link. As the groundwork for organic ranking is already in place, the conversion rate of the clicks to actual business is bound to be high.

If you factor in the benefits of these two tools and can use one to counter the cons of the other, you hit the gold mine that necessitated digital marketing. While it seems a rather simple concept in theory, implementing a strategy can be trivial if not guided by search engine optimizers who excel in deciphering search criteria and can manage and control a digital marketing campaign in the ever changing dynamic virtual world. When you are up against the best, you need the best resources to compete. With an ally in the form of a web marketing company, you can be sure of being a step ahead in the World Wide Web.